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Pyramid Park - Born To Be Brave [Official Video]

Pyramid Park - The Unexplained [Official Video]


As we grow in this field of life, reality is not what we would willingly choose sometimes, but with faith, we forge on and hope for a better day. A good question would be; what will you be doing to get to that day? Will you leave with your sorrows and expect miracles or will you work for your ultimate ‘ideal’? If someone randomly comes up to you in your childhood days and tells you that in twenty years to come, you would be successful in the path of life you choose, what would be your reaction? As a kid, it is probable to think that was farfetched and downright unbelievable; right? 

Music can give you hope, there’s a good reason there’s a film out there called, “A song can save your life."

After the loss of his father Pete McAllen, the man behind Pyramid Park found his comfort in making music and writing songs. It made him feel close to his father again. So he decided to help other people with their struggles by putting everything in his art. 

Pete is a living example of how hope and passion can open ways in our journey of life. 

Life might seem worthless after a door closes, maybe not just losing a loved one but a job, a relationship or even an opportunity you thought was guaranteed; in reality these are usually drawbacks, but if you master the art of staying calm, taking a break and laying down another plan, so long as you are alive, life will happen for you. Begin, by being hopeful and take a step to do the right things first.

And if you’re not sure what the right thing is – take a moment, listen to a song of Pyramid Park and breathe. Maybe you will find these songs become a soundtrack for life being a little bit clearer.

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